Products & Services

Some of my favorite Crossfit & Mom products as well as services I use or provide.


If you’ve never tried Ebates you don’t know what you’re missing! It’s fantastic for all the online shopping you do! As a busy mom, or lets be honest, anyone….we shop online. Ebates helps you get money back on every purchase. Sign up and I will get a small bonus, but nothing compared to the Cash Back you’ll get!


My favorite Grocery app. I check it before I grocery shop every week and I’ve made cash back pushing $350 in a year or so! It was a great help with Christmas presents this year. Just check and see what you may already need from the store before your trip and let the cash back roll in!

Hello Fresh

This is the meal delivery service we’ve been using for two years. We still have the 3 meals a week for 2 people plan as the kids are still young and it saves us TONS in meal planning and not over purchasing food. Three days a week my most difficult question is which meal do I want? The rest is all done for me. The quality of the food is top notch and the recipes are easy to follow! Click here for $40 off your first order!

RX Bars

My go to snack bar! I literally have these everywhere! My purse, my desk at work, my locker at the gym, my car, you name it I probably have one stashed. The kids even like them and they make kids size bars! A great Macro friendly snack made of quality ingredients and full of protein!


A great online store for purchasing all your Crossfit needs like jump ropes, wrist wraps and resistance bands! I purchased my jump rope from here and couldn’t do double unders without it!

WOD Nation

Another staple store for your Crossfit needs. My favorite items are their Women’s T-shirts and the Massage Ball set, great for recovery!

Reebok Nano & Grace Shoes

Rebook is a clear Crossfit power house. I wear both the Nano shoe and the Grace shoe. I wear each for different reasons at different times. I also have a pair of their Lifting shoes. I prefer the Nano for rope climbs as it grips the rope better than the Grace but for your standard WOD I’m currently LOVING the Grace shoe! I don’t know of any Crossfitter who hasn’t tried a Reebok shoe at some point.

Rehband Knee Sleeves

These are the knee sleeves that I started using about 6 months ago. I wasn’t sure about whether I needed them or not but having had knee problems from my years as a dancer these have been great for all the squatting! Plus who doesn’t like having a little extra padding for all those walking lunges!

Rock Tape Rock Guards 

I 100% need these to protect my shins on rope climbs! I was hesitant to get them at first since they are a bit more pricey but without a doubt I don’t bruise up my shins anymore. If you hate being covered in bruises, then you need these!

JAW Pull-Up Hand Grips

I don’t always use hand grips as I do prefer bare hands but when I need some these are the ones I go to now. I’ve tried MANY different kinds. When I say many I mean at least 5 different styles including, gloves, tape, natural grips. Everything. If you want grips, go with these.

Share a Sale

This isn’t a Crossfit product but it is how I help make a few dollars for the time I spend sharing my life and fitness experience with you! If you’re planning on starting your own blog I highly recommend Share a Sale to help with your affiliate marketing!



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