Pull-ups successes & failures

Pull-ups: Successes & Failures

Pull-ups are often the hardest skill to learn, especially for women. It seems as though for every successful moment you have many failures prior to it. Like many people I always thought a pull-up was that horrible thing they made you try to do in gym class every year as part of your physical fitness

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5 Best Stay-Put Crossfit Pants for Women

5 Best Stay-Put Crossfit Leggings!

When you workout the LAST thing you want to be thinking about is pulling your pants up! In the middle of burpees or double unders especially! Talk about annoying! I find that locating stay-put Crossfit leggings in full-length are the hardest, then capris. Shorts hardly seem to be an issue. Though I personally am still

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Double unders

Let’s Talk Double Unders

So… double unders. This is strange speak for non-Crossfitters. Basically it’s jumping rope where the rope passes under your feet twice for each jump. This can be a daunting task for many a crossfitter. It takes lots of practice and can be one of the most frustrating things you try to learn. It’s just not

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