Welcome! My name is Sarah and I’m a public school music teacher as well as a mom of two children. My daughter Emma is 4 and my son Elijah is 2. My husband, children and I all live in upstate New York where we both grew up. Thankfully my husband is not a musician and works with computers so there’s a good chance our kids will be both artistic and intelligent! Fingers crossed there…

I have had many interests in my life and spent my childhood as a ballet dancer. I spent many summers in Saratoga Springs, NY at ballet camps and watching the New York City Ballet. Towards the end of high school I realized that I wasn’t built to be a ballet dancer but discovered my ability to critique dance and remember choreography. That’s all a completely different story though. My point is, I was NEVER an athlete.

During college I began working out at the college gym using free weights and the elliptical. I did it thinking it was good for my health and to burn off those extra beer calories college students have but it never was very fun for me. Like many people I went for a while and then lost interest, and time. Once I graduated and got my first teaching job I ate a lot of food… I mean a lot of food. Gained about 30 pounds and met my husband, not actually in that order. After a year of living and working apart I realized I didn’t want to live where I was, quit my job, thankfully found another closer to home and moved back. Once again I started working out at one of those typical gyms with machines and treadmills and even TVs on the treadmills! I would drag myself there after work to waste an hour of time doing things I’m not sure I ever really understood and in reality never made me stronger or lose any weight. Honestly, my husband and I bought a house and got a dog and that’s really how I lost those 30 pounds from my first year out of college. I figure I just didn’t really know how to workout or eat correctly to gain strength and lose weight, probably true given what I know now.

Many years down the road a friend had started doing Crossfit at a new local gym. (Crossfit lingo is to call it a box but for whatever reason we never really have here.) Being the overly obsessive and organized person I am I asked her a million questions about it, including “what door do I walk in when I get there?”  …I know…  But I agreed to give it a shot once the school year ended in June. The first week out I started my “on ramp” class, in 2012, and I’ve been there ever since.

Our gym has moved locations a few times and changed names even but many of the same people and coaches have been there during my time as a member. I have also changed quite a bit in the past 5+ years. I wasn’t a mom when I started Crossfit but I became one, twice. I worked out through both pregnancies, and have so much to say about that process. First off, men definitely should have to do these WODs with a 20 pound wall ball taped to their stomachs and see how they feel afterwards! Power to all the women who have done this and any man, coach or husband who tried the wall ball thing.

I could continue to go on and on and on but I suppose you’ll just have to check out some of my posts for more to the story! Expect to see lots of pictures of my kids in the gym as they’ve literally grown up there.