Recovery from the Gym?

How much time do you spend working out in a gym? If you’re like me, it’s 5 days a week each time for about an hour and a half. Now, how much time do you spend on recovery? I’m not just referring to stretching or rolling out. Those are 100% beneficial and necessary. But what about Yoga, Massage or even Acupuncture?

I’ve been blessed with a massage therapist for nearly 20 years. My parents realized when I was a teen and doing ballet constantly that massage was necessary to help deal with potential injuries, actual injuries or just being able to keep my body going. That was at 16! Now at nearly 35 I realize even more so how necessary that is! For anyone that has been to a massage therapist, it’s not just a comfortable room with candles, it can REALLY hurt! But that’s what makes it work! I have a standing monthly appointment with my current therapist and I can always add in extras if I’m dealing with an injury.

I realized early into this summer that even though massage is amazing and totally necessary for me it wasn’t enough. Years ago I had seen an Acupuncturist for another reason and he would often help out with various ailments I had from Crossfit or ballet. Well I’ve been going every other week for the entire summer and it makes a HUGE difference! He’s fantastic at his job and uses a technique of getting right at your area of pain or issues. It’s also painful at times but in this case “no pain, no gain” is completely true!

Moving into September and the start of the school year I know I cannot maintain this level of recovery on top of my 5 days at the gym let alone, my teaching job and being a wife and mother. My plan is to do each once per month, preferably about 2 weeks apart so I’m always getting something every other week. I found that how much it helped me this summer means I absolutely have to continue a recovery pattern that includes both. Now if only I could find a way to get in some yoga also! That’s my next step.

If you’re having any kind of struggle in your workouts, some small pain or discomfort that’s holding you back. Check into your recovery plan. It’s equally as important as the time you spend in the gym. Just check out any professional athlete.

How do you take care of yourself outside of the gym?

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