Half Way Through the Crossfit Open 2018

So here we are, just having finished Week 3 of the Crossfit Open 2018. We are half way done! More than halfway to be technical. How are you doing? Have you gotten further than you expected in workouts? Are you surprised with what’s come out so far? How about 18.3 and all the double unders and muscle-ups! Damn! The point of the Open for all us common folk is to push you past those hurdles, see how far you’ve come in the past year and just have the chance to be a part of something nearly half a million people in the WORLD are doing! That’s not something many other sports can claim!

My goal this year was to RX every workout. The reason I couldn’t last year was mostly because of the chest to bar pull-ups. I’m pretty sure I can get at least a couple if it comes out this year. So far I’ve RXed every one.

18.1 was tough with all those toes to bar and it was real long at 20 minutes. Thank GOD for my Jaw Hand Grips! I feel like I was one of the lucky ones who’s hands didn’t tear during this workout!

18.2 That sucked! There’s no way around it. That many burpees and squats. My legs were feeling it for a while. Lucky for me immediately after I finished that workout I drove to Long Island to get my Crossfit Level 1! More squatting yay! Haha! It was a painful weekend, but at least most of us there were in the same position.

18.3 Well I knew there was no way I was getting a ring muscle up (I’m just not there yet) but doing 220 reps RXed was just fine for me! I was nervous for the OHS but they actually ended up not being as bad as I expected! I took my RX score of 220 and then kept working out for the 14 minutes just for myself with pull-ups instead of the muscle ups. I mean, I might as well get a good workout in!

With 2 workouts left we can make a million guesses as to what could come but Dave Castro seems to always surprise us! I thought for sure the repeat workout this year would have been 17.1 but now who knows! We usually see pull-ups, wall balls, dead lifts, snatches, thrusters, lunges, among other things. Like everyone else I will anxiously await what comes out this Thursday evening and hope that whatever it is I can do something!

I wish you all luck with your final two weeks of the Open!

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