Be Passionate about Something! Be Successful!

I’ve had a few different conversations this week with various people in different areas of my life but there seems to be a recurring theme. Be passionate and you will be successful! Admittedly, I’ve always struggled with people who don’t appear to have a passion in life. It doesn’t matter to me what it is but there needs to be something in life that you are passionate about.

Example one, hopefully she doesn’t mind me speaking about her. My amazing Crossfit coach. She taught a fantastic seminar yesterday focusing on gymnastics skills. I’ve taken this seminar before but she did different things this time which is awesome! One reason she’s so good at this is because she really loves the gymnastics skills and it’s obvious! Not only because she can do them SOOOO well, it’s almost not fair, but she also loves doing them and in turn teaching them. Her passion is obvious. I can definitely say that my skills have improved thanks to her help. People trust her because she’s skilled and she’s skilled because she was passionate and continues to improve her own techniques and teaching. For this I say THANK YOU!!!! Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge with us!

Example two, Moms (and dads), really anyone honestly, not just parents, who find something they work hard for, whether it be in work, their personal lives or something in between. I know many different types of parents, stay at home ones and working ones. Regardless of their life choices what’s evident is that they find something to be passionate about that is outside of their “job” as a parent. Some find it within their work, constantly striving to be better at their chosen profession by developing their skills. Others find it in their personal lives by pushing themselves in a hobby or skill or, like myself, at the gym. Some even find it by doing community service or working with groups that help to raise money for good causes. There are so many options and so many different paths to take.

My simple point… find something you are passionate about and point some energy in that direction! We will all be stronger, better people for it! Share your passion with others and maybe even inspire them to find their best self! We can all be better humans in some way, shape or form! Share your passion, be successful! We will all benefit!

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