“Because Your Mommy Does Crossfit”

I’m not sure if you’ve heard but there’s this book called “Because Your Mommy Does Crossfit” by Ben DeCastro! I came across it randomly about 6 months ago and immediately thought “I NEED THIS BOOK FOR EMMA!” As I’ve said numerous times before Emma has been joining me at the gym since she was 6 weeks old, plus the 9 months before that. Basically, she’s grown up there and now that she’s 4 I just KNEW this was a book she would love!

We started reading to each of our kids before bed around the age of 2, Emma really got into it though in the past year. We can’t put her to bed without a story which is fantastic because as a teacher obviously reading to my children is something I find to be extremely important. Bonus that she loves it! I bought this book for her as a Christmas present knowing that she would be thrilled. What I didn’t expect was that it’s pretty entertaining for an adult to read, especially one who spends a lot of time in the gym. My kids see me work out regularly and now even try to join in! If I could have gotten a picture of Emma the other day doing walking lunges with me while holding an ipad in each hand like she was a waitress as though it compared to the 30# each kettle bells I was holding. Painful for me but she was having a blast! At least it was a distraction from the pain!

I won’t share the whole story for you. I’ll wait for you to pick up your own copy of “Because Your Mommy Does CrossFit.” but this page particularly amused me since I’ve been making shakes daily to supplement my protein needs. Emma now asks me what’s in my shake and can she have some too.

“When she makes your lunch, she makes hers too. While yours is a sandwich Mom’s is actually, wait…Eww!!! Those powder-based shakes she drinks are important. Full of protein & vitamins, there’s quite an assortment.”

When I tell you I literally laughed out loud reading the book the first time it’s true. I could have written it myself, I swear! I bring the kids with me all the time. Sometimes they love it, other days they may complain. But they still come and once there they love it because their Mommy does Crossfit! I can’t wait for the time they are old enough to actually participate for real!

Though I do not come from a Military family something I really admire about the whole Crossfit family in general is how we take time to honor those who have served. There is a series of “Hero WODs” that are horribly difficult workouts named after specific soldiers. One most Crossfit gyms do every Memorial Day is called “Murph.” 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 squats, 1 mile run, ideally with a weighted vest. I think all Crossfitters secretly dread and love this workout. I’ve personally only done it one time and I actually only did half of it. You see, the first Memorial Day I was a crossfitter I was also pregnant with Emma, but hadn’t told anyone besides my coach yet. For that reason, this workout is extra special to me. It took me a very long time to get pregnant so Emma is our miracle baby. I remember doing that workout vividly. One day I hope to do Murph again (I always end up having a work thing when our gym does it) and hopefully when that time comes Emma can do it with me.

Whether you are a beginner or you’ve been doing Crossfit for years. If you have kids, get them this book. If they’ve been to the gym, or seen you work out at home, they will appreciate it! It’s a short story that shares a special message, not just humor about how much we workout and talk about it.

“Remember her motto; never give up or quit. She is one tough cookie because Your Mommy Does Crossfit.”


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