5 Best Stay-Put Crossfit Leggings!

When you workout the LAST thing you want to be thinking about is pulling your pants up! In the middle of burpees or double unders especially! Talk about annoying! I find that locating stay-put Crossfit leggings in full-length are the hardest, then capris. Shorts hardly seem to be an issue. Though I personally am still not able to buy (and wear) the booty shorts. I have far to much junk in the trunk for that!

So in my recent attempt to find the best pants I have reviewed those I’ve tried and my top 5 favorite options! These are of course in various price ranges as well. Take a look and see what you may like!

I will rate each pair on the ability for them to not move when working out. 1 is terrible, 10 is perfect!

#1 Athleta Stay up rating: 8

The Up for Anything 7/8 Tight  is a pretty decent pair of pants. The 7/8 length is nice as it’s just shy of the ankle without being a capri. I’m tall but I like this as it gives a nice look when you wear them. At $89 they are a bit more on the pricey side. They come in multiple colors which is awesome so you have your choice if you’re more of a colorful person. I tend to stick to the darker colors myself. These are are a bit more of a high rise which is great if you don’t want your stomach sticking out, however they have enough of a waist band that you can roll them down if the hip height is more your look. Ultimately they stay up and you have many options.

#2 Under Armour Stay up rating: 2

The Heat Gear Armour I wanted to love these sooo much! I love they way they look with the color block and the way it’s different on each leg. When I put them on they felt great. I got to the gym and our warm up included running… well I could hardly made it to the other end of the gym without needing to pull them up. I was so disappointed! They feel great and move great and maybe for someone who likes to wear their pants more on the hips they would be fine. Since I like the higher rise to help my mommy pooch this didn’t cut it for me. I survived class and if you’re just doing lifting or things that don’t involve a lot of running or jumping they would work out well!

#3 Reebok Stay up rating: 8

High-Waisted Mesh Legging  These leggings have just a bit of style in the mesh on the sides. I like that they are black but have the added edge. They are high-waisted which of course I like. When working out they definitely don’t go anywhere. I have a few pair of Reebok leggings and they all stay put. Must be why they are a Crossfit sponsor… Reebok also has some more moderate prices which is a bonus. These are worth checking out.

Plus as a little bonus if you use the code NEWYOU you can get 30% off the New Resolution Ready Collection. But this is only good until January 31st!

AND while you’re there sign up for a chance to win a pair of Limited Edition Reebok CrossFit® Nano 5.0

#4 90 Degree Stay up rating: 7

90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Tummy Control ShapewearThese were recommended to me by a few people and I figured it was worth a shot. Sometimes you can find them in Marshalls (depending on your area) but even still they aren’t too badly priced on Amazon. They come in multiple colors and do come in capri length as well. There are print options also.  When I wore them to the gym they definitely stayed put just not as much as the Reebok or Athleta which is why I rated them just a tad lower. Definitely worth trying though!

#5 Old Navy Stay up rating: 10

Side-Stripe Compression Leggings These are without a doubt my favorite and one of the best priced. (Thank god!) I now have 3 pair and they don’t move an inch when I’m doing even my hardest workouts. Also recommended by a friend I’m glad I ordered more than one pair. I will likely go and grab a few more if the weather continues to be so cold! All I’m going to say is go buy a pair, now!

While I cannot get you more of a discount on all of these leggings to give them a try I can give you a little help to get some money back. If you aren’t already a member of Ebates use this link to sign up and you can get anywhere from 2%-10% Cash Back on your purchases to Old Navy, Athleta & Kohls (where you can get Under Armour). Know that I will get a slight bonus if you do join and make a purchase.

You can also use the Ibotta app to get cash back on many other stores like Under Armour.

I hope my trial and error can help you find the best pair of pants for your next workout!


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