Crossfit Open 2018

Here we go! I registered for this year’s Open! For those who don’t speak Crossfit this is the first step towards the Crossfit Games which occur every Summer. Obviously, I have no ideas of getting anywhere near the games (ha that’s so laughable I don’t have words), or Regionals but participating in the Open is something many of us do anyway. It’s a great test of how we compare to those at our own gym, of similar height, weight, age, occupation. Each year there seem to be more and more ways to see how you stack up. Mostly though (for me at least) it’s a test of how far I’ve come in the past year.

I’ve had to opportunity to participate in the open twice in my Crossfit journey. The first time was in 2013. I had just begun the previous summer and it was pre-children. At the time they only had one division (no RX vs. Scaled) so I had to do what was programed to the best of my ability. I didn’t know what to expect but I remember it being hard and a challenge. I got through it though! I actually found out that I was pregnant with Emma right after the last workout. Thankfully not before or I would have likely skipped it! It was 95# Clean & Jerks and Toes to Bar.

Since Emma was born in December of 2013 and The Open was in February of 2014 I was clearly in no shape to participate. I had only returned to Crossfit the beginning of February. In 2015 I was pregnant with Elijah and still in my first trimester. Given my history with getting pregnant I wasn’t inclined to push myself for the Open. I was still doing Crossfit (through both pregnancies actually) but the Open wasn’t going to happen. Then in 2016 I’m honestly not sure why I didn’t do it. Elijah had been born 5 months before and I think maybe it was just overwhelming for me with two kids to try and figure it out yet. Finally, in 2017 I came back!

Much had changed in the world of the Open in the 4 years since I had last done it. Now there was RX and Scaled for each workout. I totally didn’t get it ha! I had a friend who had done the open the previous year or two and explained it to me and all the rules that went along with it. Basically I could chose to do whichever I wanted for each workout based on my own skills and abilities but RX scores would always beat out Scaled scores. Since I have a slight competitive nature to me I clearly wanted to RX anything I could. I ended up having to do one workout scaled as I do not have Chest to Bar pull-ups. Not bad though. I feel like I did pretty well!

So here we are this year. I’d definitely stronger and I’m working on my Cardio capacity. I still haven’t done one chest to bar pull-up yet though so I expect that I’ll be Scaling at least one workout. We shall see in a few weeks!

If you haven’t signed up yet, you better get to it!

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